The Hydroponic Miracle - Sustainably Growing Fresh Local Produce in Dubai

On 28 June we harvested our first crop! We gave our produce to friends and family as a way of showing our gratitude (also, you know, just in case…). We wouldn’t have come this far without their love and support.

What are people saying?

Consuming food is an experience that starts with the eyes (who isn’t guilty of salivating over food posts on Instagram?). The first things people noticed about our lettuce were the color and shape. Our lettuce is intensely green, which indicates it’s high in nutritional value. A visitor especially commented on the “perfect shape and liveliness of the leaves,” showing our plant is healthy and was tended to throughout its lifecycle.

Eating healthy can be a challenge, or less appetizing for people. When we asked some of our family and friends to give comparative feedback (how does it taste relative to other lettuce?), a few shared that this was the first time they were eating just greens. “Eating healthy is not exciting. This was the first time I was excited to eat lettuce! Not only because I know the farmers, but because the lettuce smelled so fresh.” Khalid, 26, had his first salad at the farm. We are overjoyed knowing that we are helping people take the first steps toward eating healthy.


But what does it taste like?  

One of my friends is an artist. She paints and sculpts. Her favorite moment is observing people interact with, and react to, her artwork. We regularly invite people over to the farm for a tour and tasting because we enjoy observing them wonder at the hydroponic miracle. We are growing fresh, insecticide and pesticide free produce, without using any soil.  “I’ve heard so much about it and seen so many pictures, but it’s different in person,” is something we often hear. 

Feedback regarding taste has been overwhelmingly positive so far, but we are aware our friends and family may be biased :)

What’s next?

The following initiatives and activities are on the horizon:

·      We are setting up a ‘tour and tasting’ experience at our farm

·      We are distributing samples to restaurants, hotels, and cafés

·      We will begin growing other crops (Kale, Arugula, Mint, among others)

Do you eat healthy? Is there a restaurant you would like us to sign up with? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or privately at

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