If you are a supermarket, restaurant, food distributor, or are in anyway involved in the F&B industry, you’ve faced some familiar pain points, and we can help you.


Does this sound familiar?

Are fluctuations in quality, price, or availability, hindering your
ability to provide the best service to your customers?

Have you noticed customers are increasingly curious about
their food? People increasingly want to know where their
food comes from, under what conditions it was grown, and
what impact it will have on their health and the environment.

Madar Farms is here to help you solve both problems!

We offer you


We can grow 365 days of the year in a controlled environment. The hacked growing cycle guarantees consistent quality and quantity.

Superior Produce: We grow in sealed environments - so we don't use any nasty chemicals or preservatives. Our sustainable produce is non-GMO, insecticide and pesticide free.
Get in touch with us() to find out how we can provide you with the highest quality and most sustainable produce, at a stable price. As local suppliers, our clients rely on us to be consistent and responsive to local needs.
Interested in joining the urban farming revolution? You can purchase a Leafy Green Machine (LGM)TM Visit shop
Don’t want the headache of farming? We can manage your farm and offer you a hassle-free private supply.