We use close and insulated
container farms, where growing
conditions are monitored in real time on our smart phones


The Leafy Green MachineTM will help you:

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Madar Farms is facilitating access to the most commercially
, modular and sustainable agri-tech.

No prior farming necessary. Our technology takes the guesswork
out of farming and makes it so simple a child can do it.

Our container farms are ready-to-use. We will help you setup
your new farm, provide training, and even maintain your farms
for you. Tell us how can help, and we are committed to being

Get in touch with us () to learn more about the benefits of
adopting hydroponic technology and growing in the controlled
environment of our container farms.

With LGMTM you can grow



High in nutritional value, rich in flavor, and vibrant in color, brassicas like kale, swiss chard and spicy arugula grow superbly well.


Experience the freshness of variety of lettuces like crunchy romaine, smooth butterhead, or delicate lola rosa.


Enhance the flavor of any dish with fragrant herbs like sweet basil, peppery oregano or fresh mint.

LGMTM features


Dimensions: Length: 12.2m
Width: 2.44m
Height: 2.89m


Weight: 7.5 Tons

Temperature: Proven optimal growing in weather extremes - from Scandinavian winters to Middle Eastern summers.


Airflow: Multi-planned airflow system

Water: Advance pump and drainage system using less than 40 liters per day


LED: High efficiency LED lighting

Vertical farming: 256 grow towers


Feasibility: Multi-function work station

Climate: Automated controls and sensors


Nutrients: Automated nutrient dosing system

Mobile: App-enabled remote monitoring


Training: 2 day “Farms camp” Training Program for up to 2 key operators


Exterior side view

Exterior front view

Interior view

Purchasing options

We offer three purchasing options depending on your time, land, and financial resources. Do you want to farm? Do you want ethical financial gains by supporting food security? 


1. Independent Grower

  1. You purchase the LGM
  2. You place it on your land
  3. You can hire us for installation if you wish
  4. We will provide 2-day training to 2 key operators
  5. You farm and sell your own produce

2. Sustainable Champion

  1. You purchase the LGM and we take care of everything else
  2. We place it on your land
  3. We will do the installation
  4. Our team will farm for you
  5. You can sell the produce under your own label, or we can sell it under the Madar Farms brand

3. Hydroponic Patron

  1. You purchase the LGM
  2. We place it on our land
  3. We will do the installation
  4. Our team will farm for you
  5. We will sell the produce under the Madar Farms brand