Madar Farms would like to thank all our farmers. Your hard work feeds
and sustains us. You share a unique bond with the earth and appreciate
how dependent we are on forces of nature.


The Leafy Green MachineTM will help you:



Farming has always been a high-risk industry with tough
outdoor working conditions, especially in our region. Now more than
ever we must adopt more financially feasible and
sustainable farming practices. This is where we come in.

Madar Farms is facilitating access to the most commercially viable,
modular and sustainable agri-tech.

Our container farms are ready-to-use. We will help you setup your new
farm, provide training
, and even maintain your farms for you.
You tell us how we can help, and we are committed to being there.

Get in touch with us ( )to learn more about the benefits of adopting hydroponic technology and growing in the controlled environment of our container farms.