Our approach is designed to ensure a sustainable, predictable and healthy supply of food for the region.


We are leading the agricultural revolution


There has never been greater interest in knowing where your food comes form and how it was grown.

We employ a two-pronged approach, combining hydroponic and vertical farming methods to unlock synergistic benefits. Our enclosed modular systems provide optimum growing conditions and protect plants from external weather factors, allowing continuous and predictable food supply year round.


Hydroponic farming:

A method of farming without soil. Plants acquire their nutrients directly through the water on which they float.

Hydroponic farming

Vertical farming:

Stacking hydroponic systems in levels, similar to floors of a building

Vertical farming

6 Revolutionary Benefits


Reduce land-use by 98%

  • Similar to an apartment complex, vertical stacking enables us to significantly increase land efficiency
  • A stack of 10 levels requires 10 times less land than before
Optimal and predictable

Optimal and predictable growth cycle

  • LED lights stimulate photosynthesis and optimize plant growth.
  • Greater precision of nutrient-delivery via the water, which can be scientifically measured

Reduce water consumption by greater than 80%

  • Less water is required as it is filtered and recycled through a closed irrigation system
  • This also reduces water lost to evaporation
Healthier produce

Healthier produce

  • A closed, soil-free system eliminates the need to use chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  • All natural - Insecticide-free, pesticide-free, non-GMO
Grow anywhere

Grow anywhere

  • Our approach reduces the pressure on limited arable land, as the closed hydroponic-vertical system can be installed anywhere - even in the desert
Local freshness

Local freshness

  • Produce can be grown closer to homes and stores, which means it reaches from farm to plate in hours