For Madar Farms to become synonymous with sustainable intervention. We are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring continuous and predictable food supply
  • Ensuring self-sustainability in the region
  • Ensuring sustainability of dwindling natural resources
  • Ensuring equal access to food for all

We hope to achieve this by building a network of farms at the intersection of agriculture and technology:


Stage 1: UAE launch

Launch 'farm-in-a-box' concept utilizing vertical hydroponics in existing farms to improve current farming techniques

Stage 2: Expose the GCC

Expansion of modular farm box network across region and underutilized urban areas improve food access

Stage 3: Expand regional distribution

Leverage robotics to automate planting and harvesting scale food output with population growth

Stage 4: Scale technology

Expansion of all robot farms across Arab world ensures sustainable and predictable source of food security for all

Stage 5: Diversify produce

Produce wider range of fruits, vegetables and beans to sustain a complete nutritional profile and diet for all