We would like to thank our strategic and technology partners.
It is only through our teamwork that we are able to bring the
best to the region.


Strategic Partner


Dubai SME

Government divisions such as Dubai SME help the Dubai Government support innovation and be responsive to evolving commercial possibilities. Dubai SME prevents policy from lagging behind technology and commercial innovations. 


Technology Partners


Freight Farms

The Leafy Green Machine (LGM)TM combines innovative technology with efficient work-flow design. The LGM is a smart modular product that makes farming more accessible and sustainable. App enabled farming in a controlled environment reduces the stress and risk, while increasing efficiency, yield, and fun! It is an ideal small-scale technology to move the needle on food and water security.



The TechnoFarmTM is a fully automated farm factory with state of the art precision and quality control systems. This high volume technology operates at a nationally significant scale, making it possible to leap toward food and water security.