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"Modern agriculture, is more resource intensive, very fossil fuel dependent, uses fertilizers, and is based on massive production.

This policy has to change.

Resource scarcity, increased population, decreasing land availability and accessibility, emerging water scarcity, and soil degradation require us to re-think how best to use our resources for future generations."
United Nations

Arab region

The Arab region in particular suffers
from limited water sources and arable land


Only 5% of the region’s land is arable and permanent crop land – this is only 1% in the GCC

Arab countries import half of their food - with figures rising to 90% for the GCC

Estimated food import bill for Arab region to reach over $400 bn by 2030

Despite water scarcity, 84% of water in region is used for Agriculture and Irrigation

Over the last 20 years, the Arab world has lost 40% of its water sources through overuse

Regional population to grow by 50% in the next 30 years, putting even more pressure

Cultivated land will need to accordingly increase by almost 50% to keep pace


Statistics Source:

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